Placenta Capsules

So I’m going to start by saying I appreciate that these aren’t for everyone but if you are considering having your placenta made into capsules then have a read. Just to warn you I am going to post a picture of my placenta..if that isn’t for you might want to look away! 😂

A family member recommended the placenta capsules, she didn’t have them with her first baby and then did with the second. She said it made a difference for her so I thought ‘why not, Most other mammals eat their placenta so there must be some good to it?’ I’m not brave enough to make it into a smoothie or fry it up..but dried capsules 👍

I contacted a lady called Ellen from The Placenta Connection and straight away she was amazing! She answered all of my questions honestly and promptly. The process was simple and the service was fantastic as she was always available for questions and queries.

The process was clear and simple. I paid the deposit and at 36/37weeks Ellen sent me the hospital pack. This included a bag, sealed container for the placenta to go in, ice packs to put around the container and a cool bag. All equipment looked brand new. The pack also provided clear instructions for myself and the hospital. I put the ice packs in the freezer and took them out when I went to the hospital as my labour started at home.

I ended up having an emergency C Section so my amazing midwife grabbed the placenta pack as we were whizzed into theatre. The hospital did not need to ask any questions as the instructions were clear. So the placenta got handed to my mum ready to go! I wasn’t really with it after the birth..still in shock I think. I had already messaged Ellen to let her know I was in labour and my Mum contacted her to say when my little one had been delivered.

My little one was born at 7:17am and Ellen had collected my placenta by 10:15am and messaged me to say it was in really good condition by 11:30am! Due to the way my little one was delivered I didn’t get to see my placenta, but luckily Ellen asked if I wanted to see a photo. This isn’t for everyone but it’s something I personally wanted to see, it’s such an amazing thing! If it isn’t for you then scroll past but picture below!

So my little one was born 31st December and the 127 capsules were in the post by 2nd January and delivered on the 3rd, within 24hours of me being home from hospital! As well as the capsules Ellen dried out the cord to make a heart; an amazing keepsake. The capsules came with clear instructions.

Do they work? I appreciate that people have mixed opinions about this and I can only speak about my experience and give my honest opinion. I had no problem with milk supply and considering I had an emergency C Section I felt pretty good when taking the capsules. During the night I had enough energy to always settle my little one back in his Snuz Pod after his feed and get myself up most mornings for 7am. I would honestly say I felt good, despite the lack of sleep! I’m not saying they made being a Mum easy, don’t get me wrong, there were and still are tough times, but I really noticed the difference once the capsules stopped thats for sure! So for me they worked and helped me power through those tough first few weeks. I also did not feel any baby blues, I cried like most new Mums but it was just pure joy and amazement.

Ellen…I could not recommend this lady more, not only did she provide a professional, prompt service she has also kept in touch. Ellen checked on me during the early days, comforted me with her own birthing experiences, asked how my mum was doing and then asked how I was doing during lockdown. She obviously loves her job and goes above and beyond to support new Mums.


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