The Essentials

This blog is about the little tricks, gadgets and hacks that I just could not do without!

First up, let’s get the dirty business out the way – the dirty nappy business! The Tommee Tippee Twist and Click nappy bin; the price differs depending on buying standalone or in a bundle. We actually got ours from Mothercare before it closed. Am I the only one that really misses that shop? What a place! The bin is really useful, especially for those first few weeks when every nappy is code brown..actually it’s just as good as my little has got bigger and I am blown away by how much a little person can hold…or let go of ! It’s easy to set up and use, just pop the nappy in, twist (creating a seal between nappies) and close the lid. It holds a fair few nappies and when you need to change it you take the lid off, which has a handy bit for you to cut the bag loose, you then tie the loose ends, discard the nappies and put the lid back on the bin. You do need to buy the refills. The best price we have found for the refills is on Amazon and we have subscribed so that we never run out! We have the white and grey nappy bin (obviously) but it comes in pink and blue too. I have occasionally smelled the soiled nappies when it needs emptying (definitely a job for the dads here) but it takes the edge off.

Next up is the Milton cold water steriliser. I was a little late getting a steriliser as for the first few weeks we didn’t need one. We then started using a microwave one which was quick but I was worried the items weren’t staying sterilised after being opened. I had heard about the Milton cold water one so decided to get it and I haven’t been disappointed. It’s so easy, simply fill with cold water and pop a Milton tablet in, the items are sterilised after 15minutes. The thing I love the most is that you can just leave the baby items in there and then get them when you need them, no waiting around! Plus I LOVE the smell of Milton.

Another handy product which I used all the time when were out and about was the Milton dummy steriliser. This is a handy little tool that comes with a strap to attach to either the changing bag or pushchair. It looks neat, a little ball and comes in a few colours, we have the blue one. You unscrew the top and inside are two small sponges, one with a hole in to sit the dummy in. You fill the water up to the line and pop in a mini steriliser tablet, leave for a few minutes to dissolve, pop the sponges back in, screw the lid back on and you are good to go. Very handy if (like me) you are always dropping dummies, it’s also handy to hold a spare one in so it’s ready to go!

Let’s talk baby bags! Gosh that was a tough choice. We were really lucky and we got a very nice one gifted to us, it’s from Bababoom which is a lovely shop in Loughton, Essex that sells the most beautiful baby bits. I also enjoyed pregnancy yoga and hyponobirthing classes there. It’s by ‘Mayoral’ and the softest material I have ever felt! Of course it’s grey! The bag came with an insulated bottle holder, a small pull string bag, and a travel changing mat. It also came with a short straps to attach to the pushchair and a long adjustable one. I really like this bag, because not only does it look lovely it fits a lot it! It’s also wipe clean has been useful on several messy occasions!!!

Before lockdown I went to a baby show at The Excel where I bought a bottle warmer from Tommee Tippee, it’s called the ‘3 in 1 Advanced Bottle and Pouch Warmer.’ I was interested in this one because it can warm breast milk and I have read that you have to be careful when warming breast milk because you can damage it with too much heat. I was also impressed because it can heat pouches as well as glass and plastic bottles. It can also warm them from room and fridge temperature and even from frozen! It also keeps the milk warm for up to 45minutes. It’s handy to put a pouch of frozen milk in, walk away and then come back to it defrosted and ready for baby to drink! You just have to select what type of container the milk is in, the temperature it is and then the the button and off it goes. It doesn’t just take Tommee Tippee bottles we used it with Medela bottles, however we have recently swapped to Tommee Tippee bottles and it definitely heats the milk in them more effectively.

Sterilising bags! I was amazed how many people don’t know about these but they are a saviour for when you are out and about! (Again when we are allowed) There are a range of brands but the ones we got are ‘Munchkin Latch’ they came as a pack of six from Amazon. They are small bags that you add some water to, along with the items that need sterilising and then pop it in the microwave. You can use each bag up to 30 times and it has little boxes for you to tick off after each use. I was at my mums once, we ended up staying much longer than expected but I had already used the Elvie pump and the one bottle we took. Having one of these in the changing bag as they fold flat, meant I could just sterilise those bits, use them again and spend longer with family without having to go home. These are handy if you are going somewhere for the day and need to use things more than once or when we are allowed to..leaving your little one with a family member.

This is probably a blog that I will add to over time! Feel free to add your essentials to the comments or on the insta page!

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