My first ever blog! Just a reminder that these are all my personal opinions and I can only speak about my experience!

Price/what you get: The pump is at £249 for a single and £449 for a double. As it’s pricy I got the single and it came with: 1 hub, x2 5oz bottles, x2 different sized breast shields, x2 valves, x2 spouts, x2 seals, x2 storage lids, x2 bra adjusters, 1 USB charging cable and a carry bag.

Getting started: As pumps go, it’s a pretty one! It is easy to set up with simple clear instructions. It also links with an app where you can record the timing and the amount of pumping. Very 2020! It also tells you when the bottle is full. At first I was hooked to the app and really enjoyed entering how much I had pumped and seeing how long it took but I don’t use the app anymore, not for any faults but just because of time.

For the first few weeks I found the pump effortless and made the most of being able to move and pump. It’s not as free as they claim as it does leak if you lean forward or bend over. I tried to change the bedsheets with it on and unfortunately it leaked; with breast milk being so precious it made me very cautious. Before my little one became such a wriggler, I found the best thing was being able to feed him from one breast and express from the other. It’s a bonus to have your hands free while pumping but there is no way I’m climbing any mountains!

After a few weeks I started to have trouble getting any suction. I used the troubleshooting advice from Elvie and found out that I was actually getting the valve caught in the hub. A few weeks later the hub stopped working! It just would not turn on and it would not charge, I looked online and this does seem to be a common problem. However, I contacted the customer service team by email and they were so helpful. I managed to find my proof of purchase and they sent a new hub out.

Suction: Recently I started to lose suction on the pump again. After following all the troubleshooting, I needed to replace the valves; I had been leaving them in my Milton steriliser between pumps and I believe this damaged them. Since replacing the valves I have had no problems with the suction! Elvie recommends sterilising the parts once a day but I do prefer to after every pump.

Cleaning and sterilising: I find that the shield, bottles and valve are pretty easy to clean and sterilise. I no longer leave them in the Milton solution, instead I take them out after the 15minutes. The hub does unfortunately get some milk on it and as you cannot get it wet, needs some careful cleaning, especially around the clip. I have found a toothbrush dipped in some soapy water and Milton wipe most effective.

A question I often get asked is ‘How much do you get?’ That really depends on when I pump, how long for and if my little one has recently fed. The best time for me is in the morning but I have kept giving it a go in the evening and the amount I get has increased, I find little and often is the best way.

Charging: The pump comes with a USB charger and charges quite quickly. I usually charge after every other pump so about an hour and a half of pumping on a full charge.

Do I like it?? Yes! It’s convenient and means I can pump without being attached to the sofa! I have recommended it to a number of friends.

My first pump!

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